Registration now open:

Registration is now open and on-going for the 2009 CC Conference for Asia and the Pacific on 5-6 February 2009 in Manila, Philippines.

Registration deadline:

The deadline for registration is on 20 January 2009 for foreign participants and 30 January 2009 for local participants, for the purpose of availing hotel rooming discounts.

Registration fees:

  1. Waived for foreign participants who are officially affiliated with CC jurisdictions and the international offices of CC and CCi.
  2. US$200 for foreign participants who are non-CC or non-CCi affiliated.
  3. PhP2,500 for local participants.

Inclusions: participation in the two-day event, lunch and snacks, free entrance at the CC Asia-Pacific Manila cultural event, and conference kits, materials, pins and other amenities. It also includes transportation to and from event venues and the airport for foreign participants. Costs of hotel accommodation and the organized optional tours for the whole day of 7 February 2009 (details to be announced as part of the program advisory) are excluded.


To pre-register now, visit and provide your information on-line now live here at Please note that we have limited the participation to the conference to a maximum of 200 persons only. To register or complete your pre-registration, registration fees and/or a deposit equivalent to your one day hotel accommodation, whatever is applicable, must be paid and deposited or wire transferred not later than the registration deadline in the designated bank account.

Upon completing your registration fee and/or hotel accommodation downpayment, or should you need to make an alternative payment arrangement, please send an email to our Finance Committee Head at mymails AT marsdecastro DOT com. Please note that no refund of registration fees and/or hotel downpayments will be made after 20 January 2009.

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